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spot - $35

Half page- $40

Full page -$ 55



Spot -  $40

Half  page - $50

Full  page - $65

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Spot -  $50

Half  page - $75

Full  page - $100

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Portrait  - $100 per subject

Full color illustration - $325-500

*Prices may vary depending on complexity.*

Please fill out or Email me this form to submit your Inquiry. 

** be sure to read the FAQ and commission rules at the bottom of this page before submitting!** 

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Name *
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Please describe your illustration and don't hesitate to give as much detail as you would like. Feel free to provide website and image links to give more info and reference.
size and complexity of illustration
medium and colorway of desired artwork
How would you like to receive your artwork? Prints and originals are available at production cost.



Address: [For invoice]

Artwork Size: [EX:Spot, Half, Full]

Artwork  type: [EX: Inked,Sketch,Flat Color, Painted]

Subject matter reference:  [Images and website links]  

Additional Notes: [specific  etc.]


FAQ and Commission Rules

Artwork created with this service is strictly for personal use. Commissions are not licenced and aren’t  eligible for commercial usage.

If you would like to inquire about using artwork for a commercial usage project  hit me up!


Commercial projects include:

  • Urban wear design/ branding

  • Graphic design

  • Live action films

  • Stop motion films

  • Album covers

  • Indie games

  • VSFX films

  • Comic books

  • Children’s books

  • Editorial Illustration

  • Advertising Illustration




What I illustrate

  • Characters

  • Robots, ninjas , planes, landscapes

  • Creatures

  • Tattoos

  • Pretty much everthing!!! But…


What I don’t  illustrate

  • Mature content

  • Anything Hateful or Negative

  • Other Artist’s styles


Payments and Refunds

  • You MUST have PayPal or Buy though my website (

  • - Payment is required up front before any work begins.

  • - For orders of $100 USD or more, I will charge half up front and half before you receive the final product.

  • - You will not receive the final product until full payment is received.

  • - If you would like to cancel your commission and work has not started, a half-refund will be given.

  • - I cannot provide refunds for cancellations when work has already started.

Copyright Information

  • - The copyright of the commissioned work is retained by the artist.

  • - These images are for your own personal use only (non-commercial) They cannot be reproduced,  redistributed, sold, or placed on Products.

  • -Please do not post artwork online or via social media without providing artist credit or website link: @cbillustration or


  1. Thumbnails

  2. Color comp/ Sketch

  3. Final

If you have any questions on concerns, contact me! I'd be happy to help!